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Our 2024 eco-conscious Forest Play Summer Program is set on our beautiful 5-acre wooded campus and provides children 5-9 yrs with plentiful opportunities to spend the summer exploring and learning about the natural world. 

Using flowers, wood and natural clay for art projects, watering and caring for our vegetable and pollinator gardens, and connecting to the environment through play, are just some of the activities that will fill our fun summer days.

Each week will have a unique nature-based theme such as: woodland habitat exploration, adventure & shelter building and forest skills.

All the projects and resources purchased and used are chosen to be mindful of our carbon footprint. By harvesting the gifts that nature provides on our campus and composting, repurposing and reusing materials,  our summer program enables children to see that real life sustainable living is a positive action that can be fun, community oriented and is accessible to all of us. 

This summer we will engage in mindful and artistic activities that increase the children's sense of wonder, joy and connection.


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