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Our group leaders guide their small, same age group of children through the day's scheduled crafts and outdoor play activities. The pace is relaxed and flexible so there is extra time if a project or game becomes absorbing or some wonder of the woods grabs our attention. Our eco crafts are planned to use reclaimed and natural materials. In between activities, children have a healthy snack, water breaks and time to cool off under the sprinklers. Each day is a fresh adventure for our young artists who range in age from 4 - 10 years. 



All campers enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch (brought from home) under the shade of our woodland canopy. During extreme weather we have the option of returning to our cool buildings. ​



Continue with more art making and play. Later at dismissal, homemade fruit ice pops are given out while children wait for pick-up.

Before Care:


Calm and relaxed is the theme of early drop off. Children can bring their breakfast & counselors will watch them indoors until camp starts. Stories, board games & quiet activities are available.

After Care:

As we unwind from a busy day our counselors supervise the children as they engage in free time activities.

Free Play Fridays: 

In today’s over scheduled, screen led world, true free play is sometimes hard to find. Our affordable, optional “Free Play Friday” is a chance for children to play the old fashioned way, and participate in unstructured, kid-directed games. Under the care of our watchful counselors, children can choose to explore the woods and create their own imaginative adventures, paint, play games or use art materials to create something of their own choosing. 


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