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Activities & Daily Schedule

At Summer Play Camp, we carefully arrange a daily rhythm for the children that creates a balance between structure and choice. In the morning, the groups go two two scheduled activities (with a healthy snack in the classroom in-between). The kids have lunch all together in our shady outdoor amphitheater, and then in the afternoon they sign up for the stations they'd like to visit that day. Our stations vary from week to week and include:​

  • Art

  • Music

  • Drama

  • Sewing

  • Cooking

  • Science & Nature

  • Tinkering

  • Swim

  • Outdoor Games (Soccer, Tag, etc.)

  • Chess & Indoor Games

  • Pottery

smiling kids play the bongos


Our music program is led by Jonathan Trotta, a veteran music teacher at Rockland Conservatory.  In addition to composing the Camp's Musical Drama, (with help from Campers and CIT's) Jonathan teaches the campers the Ukelele and the basic rhythms of the hand drum.  He's been the beloved music director for many years and spends much time coming up with creative ways to engage the children.


Our Art program includes many mediums, charcoal, clay, fabric, wire, wood - the options are limitless. The kids enjoy activities like sketching botanicals, learning the art of batik, building outdoor sculptures, making puppets and acting out skits with them, and making their own pottery which is glazed and fired in our professional kiln.
smiling girls in the art room


Our tinkering shop is a space that allows kids to truly let their creativity blossom. We offer a project of the day or week, but many kids choose to design and create things of their own invention. We facilitate that by setting up tinkering stations around the room, where kids might build fairy houses, design board games, or make a peg board to hang up treasures at home. Our littlest campers enjoy trying their muscles on our old-fashioned hand drill, and making boats from driftwood. 


Children love to run, and our cool and shady field is home to all sorts of games - most notably soccer. They also love playing tag and jumping and chasing over the logs in the forest near the field. 

Science and Nature

Mary Esther Malloy, our Nature and Science Leader for over a decade, collaborates with the Gardeners to investigate the mysteries of plant, animal and insect life.  She also writes our Musical Drama with Jonathan Trotta using the season's nature and science theme.  We've recently explored fungi, worms, bees and mud.  The worm hunt was extremely popular among the younger set and has become a camp tradition.
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