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Odds and Ends


With our relaxed pace, and  gentle guidance, friendships formed at Summer Play Camp are special and strong.


Our adult group leaders manage the natural conflicts of childhood expertly, transforming them into learning opportunities.


Parents often tell us how much their child has grown emotionally in the time they've they spend with us.

smiling little girls lean on a fence
Garden Program

Our garden is planned for summer enjoyment starting in late winter. Blue Rock science teacher and master gardener, Nicole Palitti, combines our school and camp use of the garden.  


Pickles and greens, sunflower sprout salads, blackberries and squash are all forthcoming this summer. Come poke around - our birds and bees are here to welcome you!

boy in cornfield
laughing CIT
campers climb large rocky outcropping

Our Group Leaders are all adults and experienced educators.  We have energetic CIT's and JR counselors that are 14, 15 and 16 years old, to help out.  Every year we are amazed at the maturity and capabilty of these young people.  They are adored by the campers and staff members and add imeasurable joy to our camp days.

Our JR CIT's are 12 and 13 year olds and they are also proud to be helping out.  Their enthusiasm is boundless and we make sure that they get to play and create as well.  


Once a week, our Excursions Director takes the older children on a trip to Harriman State Park.  There they hunt for berries, salamanders and frogs. They swim in the lake which has a beach and lifeguards. They hike, climb, learn to identify trees, birds and other wildilfe and revel in the joys of natural woodland.

poking around in the woods
lifegaurd chair at lake tiorati


Each day at lunch, children are invited to present a riddle and a joke to the entire camp on the joke platform.  Expect them to come home with a whole new sense of humor (yikes!) and lots of riddles up their sleeve.

girls holding hands
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