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boys laughing under a stage platform

Under the Joke platform at lunchtime - laughing at a private joke

little boy with bucket of worms

Worm collecting

little hands folding papers
woman folding origami sheet
boy demonstrates origami


Outdoor collaborative art piece - popular spot for making new friends

boys work on collaborative string art
boy strings fabric on chicken wire

Soccer, soccer, and more soccer

kids in the woods doing soccer drills
boys play soccer in woods
girl with soccer ball on shoulder
running with soccer ball
kicking soccer ball in forest

Trip Day at Harriman State Park 

girls at beach play in the sand
buried in the sand and smiling
smiling boy at beach
boys hiking in woods on foggy day
boys start a fire
boys on top of the mountain
five hands holding freshwater snail shells
girls with fishing net in lake water
kids foraging for wild blueberries
kids hike single file in old growth forest
smiling campers group photo
girl holds bee hotel she made
kids at outdoor table hammering with safety goggles
girl holds woodworking creation
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