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"Children are born naturalists. They
explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment,
and communicate their discoveries
to those around them."

Wrapping up our first two weeks at Summer Play Camp filled with sunshine, lunchtime jokes and riddles, new friends, old friends, songs and discovery. We invite you to share our days, in the photos below. 

Science and Nature seeded, grew, harvested and ate their own sprouts,

all the while learning about our theme for this summer, microbes!

Our theme has inspired an original composition in collaboration with our music instructor

Twice weekly excursions with our older campers include hiking, swimming, foraging, and discovery!

Fun with mud and creating art from nature!

SO much fun with sewing in our outdoor pavillion. The children hand sewed monkeys, elephants, kittens and more!

Cooling off and learning to swim with Pool Play and instruction

The whole camp comes together at lunch and take turns telling jokes and riddles. 

Riddle of the week: 

What comes twice in a moment, once in a month and never in a year?

Plenty of free range time

We always end the day with our pals, popsicles and playground!

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