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The Joy of Being Seen

Did you know that one of the strongest predictors of a long and healthy life is one's level of social involvement? In fact, regularly connecting and socializing in a supportive atmosphere will improve your health as much as quitting smoking! There seems to be a nourishing energy that is absorbed from the attention and regard one receives in a place where everybody knows your name.

As a small and down to earth day camp, with a very hands-on staffing style, we've experienced first hand how children thrive when they are truly seen and enjoyed. It isn't praise children are after - it's connection.

Being noticed, appreciated and accepted as an integral part of a group helps young people in healthy societies everywhere develop into productive and capable adults.

Parents, take note - to retain an influence in your children's lives through the teen years and beyond, find the time to share meaningful activities with them now. Don't only zoom in on them when they're acting out. Stop for a moment, and be present with them when they're talking to you. Enjoy their youthful vigor and beauty. Aren't they funny and silly and cute?

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