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Week Four: Taking Flight

This week we have really noticed a transformation in our campers. Shy little caterpillars who started off with us week one have unfurled their wings and taken to the sky. They're running, jumping, creating, laughing, throwing their arms around their friends, flinging themselves on their towels in the grass and squinting up at the sky through the leaves of a tree. They are wild and happy, but also relaxed and full of peace. After these weeks of free play and creativity, they have really come into their own. This is my own kids' sixth year here, and I love seeing this annual metamorphosis in them. I find that after these weeks to unwind and create, they are kinder to each other and to me, they smile more, and they sleep well. This is what keeps us coming back every year to our summer family.

To see some of the amazing things the kids did this week, take a look at the gallery below.

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